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Laser Toning Treatment

Variable reflective mirror technology is widely deployed in aesthetic solid-state lasers. A downside to this approach is heat build-up within the laser's optical path which results in an uneven beam profile and unstable energy output. Helios 3's proprietary thermal lens compensator allows a single laser
direction from a multitude of incoming laser directions to pass through it. When combining high energy and high repetition rates, multiple laser directions produce thermal buildup leading to reduced energy output. Helios 3's thermal lens compensator prevents this from occurring, resulting in short- and
long-term stable laser energy output.


RTP(Real Twin Pulse) Mode

RTP (Real Twin Pulse) mode is a unique, core technology developed by Helios 3, which, with two pulses,
outputs the same energy and interval between the first and second Q-Switched single laser pulses. RTP produces
milder thermal damage in the target area or can be used to generate deeper penetration depth compared to a
single pulse given HELIOS III's RTP mode can generate 2J of maximum output energy. Compared to a single
pulse, RTP results in higher efficacy with less downtime and undesired side effects such as hyper- and hypopigmentation.

How Does the Helios III Device Work?

Through the use of patented 4G toning technology, the HELIOS III provides faster and more effective laser skin toning and tattoo removal. Traditionally, laser toning only uses two modes (Black/Blue) at a single wavelength (1064nm). This means the laser toning process is a long one that has little effect on many patients. 
Instead, the HELIOS 4G toning system utilizes FOUR modes (Black/Blue/Red/Green) at two wavelengths (1064nm/532nm) to effectively treat pigments settled at various depths. This reduces treatment time while simultaneously boosting effectiveness.

Benefits of the HELIOS III Nd: YAG Laser

Helios III technology comes with a number of benefits for you and your patients, including more effective treatments in less time, reduced pain and discomfort, and it is safe for all skin types, allowing you to treat more patients with the same device. This technology can be used to effectively treat and address a number of conditions. 

Nevus of OTA
Carbon Peel and Hollywood Peel
Tattoo Removal
Skin Toning
Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Tonning Treatment 10 times     Package $2,500

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