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JJ Eyelash Extension

Mary Beauty Spa gave a special name to the Eyelash extension service, the “JJ Eyelash”. Such is intended to give the originality of our service that we take pride in. We can guarantee our service which is built upon many years of Eyelash extension service experience and with a variety of researches done. We are proud to let you know our treatments are strongly based on exceptional skills and clients’ own verdicts of long maintenance period that stands out from other competing services.  

Our lash extension technique is different and unique compared to other shop's techniques. Our unique approach makes the results to last longer. On average, our regular clients revisit to get another extension after 4 to 6 weeks. Some of them come back after 8 weeks. 

Natual Set(50pcs)


Classic Full Set(100pcs)



Extra Volume Set(140pcs) - Hybrid Mix


Touch up (in 2 weeks)


Touch up (in 3 weeks)


Touch up (in 2 weeks)


Touch up (in 3 weeks)


Touch up (in 4 weeks)


2D~4D Volume up Lash (Hybrid Lashes)

Natual Set(180pcs)


Full Set(240pcs)


2~4D Touch up (in 2 weeks)


2~4D Touch up (in 3 weeks)


5D~10D Super Volume Lash (Mega Volume)

Natual Set


Full Set


5D~10D Touch up (in 3 weeks)


Eyelash Removal


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