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Special Treatment

For starters, we can provide free skin consultation after careful skin observation. Through professional advice, you will be able to pick and choose your own services based on your skin conditions.


Our Skin cares are not just any ordinary services but a service that contains powerful treatment results. Received regularly, you will definitely feel the positive change in your skin!

Special Treatments

(Scar Revitalization
Treatment )

MTS stands for 'Micro Needle Therapy System'. When the micro needle gets injected in the deeper skin layer dermis,  the cell goes through a natural skin curing process. This cases the natural production of collagen,  thereby initiating  the anti-aging system that maximizes the cell's ablility to revitalize on areas such as, the improvement on discoloration, wrinkling and skin tone. 

Aladin Peeling
(2B Bio Peeling)

This treatment promotes skin revitalization with the use of natural sea water extraction added to aid with dead skin dissolution process and the removal of dead cells. It also uses a very micro needle (micro spinule) on the pore line.  Using medicinal herb power to stimulate the outer layer of skin, the treatment allows falling off of the dead skin usuing your skin's own revitalization ability. Along with fall off of the dead  skin are bacteria of acne necrotica millaris and pustular acne and seeds of acne. 

Aqua Peeling
(Hydro peel)

Aqua peeling is known for combining blackhead, whitehead, sebum, dead cells, skins, demodex, and boily waste with the pressure of solution, making it easy to lift them up by softening them. It is an option know for immediate feeling of clear skin. The treatment allows for simultaneous removal of unwanted wastes and apply nutrients.

Jessener Peeling (Chemical Peeling)

Jessener peeling is a process of removing dead skin cells and sebum. Overtime, these old cells automatically fall away as they are replaced with new cells. The dark skin tone with skin breakouts will become clearer with resilience. Dead skin cells and sebum, sources of acne, will be reomoved, there by bettering the sebum elimination process as well as the absorption of other acne-aid product.


GA Peeling
(Whitening Peeling)

GA peeling is a representative method for AHA using glycolic acid to thinly remove the layer. Just like dental scaling used to rid plaues, skin peeling is effective and time-smart skin care that doesn't impact your normal schedule.
If you receive a revitalizing care, the skin layer will thicken, and you will feel much better about your skin as the ingredients have been absorbed into the skin free of dead skin cells. 

Diamond Peeling (Microdermabrasion)

This treatment use fine-grated natural diamond to whiten the skin. It minutely removes the dead skin layer on the surface, inducing the new skin to be created. Effects of Diamont Peeling - The brightening of the skin tone due to the removal of both the dead skin and sebem. The decrease of pore size and improvement of skin resiliency with the collagen production in the dermis.

PDT Light

(Photo Dynamic Theraphy)

The effects of PDT - the suppression of acne- sebum production, acne recurrence, peeling of the dead skin cell layer, removal of blackhead & whitehead, sterilization of acne bacteria, fast soothing of infection & prevention of acne marks. Kills acne-producing bacteria to immediately sooth infections and aids to excrete bodily waste and lumps of sebum in the pore by removing the dead skin cells on the outer layer.

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